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Service cost


We take a one-off fee for finding a house for you at the time of booking. The reservation deposit and fee for our services are non-refundable in the case of booking, early departure or cancellation. We do not provide services for a repeat house rental.


Our service cost pricing is flexible. A 1-bedroom house search cost is 4,000 Baht, 2-bedroom house search cost is 5,000 baht, 3/4/5-bedroom houses are 6,000 Baht. House showing is free. You will need to have your own transport when inspecting a property/ies.  If you are looking for accommodation which allows for pets, the fee cost increases by 2,000 baht.


Note: Please understand that we are not able to work for free when we ask you to confirm our co-operationterms. You do not have to pay a fee for our services immediately, it is payable only at the time of booking.


Special terms


If a property owner, whose rental cost is 50,000 Baht a month or more, pays us a fee, we do not pass this on to our client. If a property owner whose rental cost varies from 50,000 Baht and above does not pay us a fee (which happens in very  rare cases), we would take 10% of the rent from our client.


Search service refusal


We reserve the right to decline to provide a prospective client with a house search service without providing an explanation, particularly if we believe we would be unable to help them.


How does the booking process take place?


You choose a house you like, we will then establish whether it is possible to book it, and also the current price for your chosen dates.  You then transfer the deposit for the reservation + the fee for the house search using a convenient payment system for you. It can be Paypal, Western Union or cash.


Note there are some features when using different payment systems that you should be aware of. For example, when transferring funds via Paypal, we charge a 4.5% fee for cashing.


What happens after booking?


We will send you your house’s location co-ordinates, all resort contact details and the deposit/payment receipt scan. This is not the end of our service for you.  Our goal is to organise a transfer for you (paid) and ensure that you don’t have any issues with the accommodation that you have chosen.


What is the difference between a deposit for a reservation, a safe deposit and a fee?


A booking deposit is money which you need to provide to the owner when booking a house to ensure that he does not let the house to other people. Akin to a reservation fee.


A safe deposit is money which is provided to the owner when the property security is pledged. Upon arriving at the house, the booking deposit becomes a safe deposit and is retained by the house owner as a guarantee for the house and furniture. If all furniture and household appliances are in order upon completion of the rental period and vacating of the house, then the safe deposit is returned to the lessee in full. Should the house or furniture be damaged, the  landlord would retain an appropriate amount, depending on the amount of damage, to be taken from the secure deposit.


The full first month rental cost is payable upon arrival.


Fee is a payment for the realtor’s (property agent’s) search for a house.


In most cases your budget should include: booking deposit + rent payment + commission to a property agent.


Booking confirmation for getting a visa


It is necessary to provide a booking confirmation (receipt carrying the house owner’s signature and the house address in Thailand) in order to obtain a visa. We charge 300 Baht for the confirmation.


What are your guarantees?


Our company operates legally in Thailand and has had a licence for about 4 years. We value our reputation and are interested in working as much qualitatively and transparently as possible. If you want to learn more about us, please follow this link. If you want to find out more about our work feedback, we recommend visiting our Facebook group.


Why does your site map provide inaccurate house locations?


The map shows the approximate location of houses in order to provide our customers with a good general idea of the house location. It is inappropriate for us to give a precise location in the public domain, that’s why the map does not provide accurate co-ordinates.


Why can’t some objects be booked in advance?


This is because owners are looking for clients for 4-6 months from October to November (they will always be able to find tenants for a short term in the high season). This is why on some sites we have added the notices do not book in advance or reservation one month before arrival.


Would we arrive at the same house which we saw in the video review?


The objects’ video reviews and photos are familiarized. We try to provide the maximum information, but it is not possible to make video of each room for 120 apartments in one complex. Please specify whether you will be settling in that room/house/villa, which you saw in the video review or similar, when booking.


Information for travel companies and intermediaries / property agents who are interested in working with us.

We DO NOT work with or co-operate with travel companies.

We DO NOT work with or co-operate with  intermediaries / property agents, except those we have chosen ourselves.


Our strategy and aim is to provide our clients with the owners’ prices, as if the client had visited them personally and enquired about the price of their house.


We co-operate and work DIRECTLY with our clients.  In a situation where it becomes apparent that someone is looking for accommodation which is not for themselves, we do reserve the right to refuse them in searching for a home and to further ignore all further messages.


Information for bloggers


If you write about Thailand and don’t live on Samui and Phangan, we have special mutually beneficial co-operation terms for you. Please contact us by e-mail rent@aboutsamui.ru